Sunday, June 2, 1991

They Meet

Shaun and I met at Ridgecrest Baptist Church, in Tulsa, on a Sunday in the summer of 1991. My friend Robin and I sat behind him and his friend Andy in church. We thought they were both so cute. I still remember what he was wearing and it is 17 years later. Light blue, guess jean overalls with one strap buckled. (that was the cool way to wear overalls back then).
I think one of the first things that we did together was go on a church hayride. Robyn liked Shaun and I liked Andy. Shaun and I talked on the phone sometimes. Usually we talked about Robyn and Andy, but I remember a couple of other things too. He played the song "This used to be my playground" by Madonna, for me. LOL. He really liked it then. Also, he told me he came up with the perfect thing to invent. He wished he had a headless phone set. You know, like blue tooth ear pieces now. Funny to think that didn't exist when we met. Sure wish he would have been the one to invent it.

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