Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm the Barnes TOY

Oh my goodness I can't believe it! Today we had Ram Rally like we always do on Mondays...but today something special happened! Mr. Riggs, our principal, took the microphone and said
"We'd like to take this moment to announce that our 2009-2010 Teacher Of the Year is.......
Mrs. Smith!"
What a very happy moment for me! It is such an honor to be chosen by my colleagues.

Annette Sears, the teacher of the year from last year passed on a bouquet of balloons to me!
Later in the day the school PTO sent me a pretty bouquet of flowers!

Then tonight my dad brought dinner and my mom brought me more beautiful flowers!

I certainly feel like there are so many other teachers at my school who deserve this honor. I am so thankful that they are such amazing role models and friends. I am so thankful they share with me and allow me to learn from them. A girl couldn't dream of a better group of people to have around.
My students were the cutest. I got hugs all day long. I love First Grade and I love teaching.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things I want or want to do...but haven't accomplished

I'm a list maker. It's an obsession really and I think I inherited it from my dad. Maybe that is why I have all this stuff I want done that isn't done...because here i am spending my time making a list.

I want to...

clean out the hallway is sooo stuffed full of pictures and I want to put them all in albums. There pictures of my childhood. But I don't have enough albums.

redecorate my whole is bugging me. There is a million things at Kirklands that I want really bad!

Find all the video files on my computer and organize them and then burn them onto CD's

Find the cd I lost of march 2006. It has the video of Parker at the hospital...I don't have another copy. :( Plus I already lost enough of his pictures when my hard-drive crashed.

find a miracle that can pull all my stuff off my old hard drive that I have been saving since like 2007.

clean the storage place in my classroom

buy 2-3 shelves for my classroom.

Take the boys on Vacation some where awesome

Buy a whole new wardrobe all at once. I have always wanted to do that. Just throw out all my clothes and shop til I drop for a whole new look.

Redo the albums I have of the boys but putting all the pics in page protectors instead of those yucky cling albums. That way they can look at them without the pics always sliding out.

Give shaun time to finish the outside door, wire the blu ray properly

start blogging again and figure out how to print a book of it. I heard that you can do that. I want to write done more things that the boys do so I can remember good and funny things...cause someday they might want to hear about it...or at least maybe their wives will.

I am sure there is a ton more!

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