Saturday, July 12, 2003

Our Wedding

Waking Up
Today is the wedding day! I got up this morning brought my cd player into the bathroom and played the cd I asked Shaun to make for me. It had silly songs like girls just wanna have fun and going to the chapel. I woke both of my brothers up with the loud music, but they handled it okay. My mom woke up and mowed the lawn in their back park area. Weird huh. Guess it's crazy being mother of the bride. My Aunt Suzie came over with my cousins and they came with me, Melanie and Jill to get our hair done by aunt Gail. I don't think I have any pictures of us getting ready. My hard drive crashed and I lost tons and tons of my pictures. I cried for a month and I still haven't trashed the hard drive cause I'm still hanging on to hope.

He sees me
Shaun and I took pictures together before the wedding I wanted to see his face when he saw me for the first time and thought I would get a better look close up instead of way down the isle. Plus i didn't want to keep the guests waiting forever. So, we broke tradition and he saw me in my dress before we were actually married!

BurkeKatieProof069 BurkeKatieProof071 BurkeKatieProof072 BurkeKatieProof081 BurkeKatieProof078 BurkeKatieProof079 BurkeKatieProof080 BurkeKatieProof082

The Dress
I love, love, love my wedding dress. You know how there is always a girls "most important part of the wedding"? Well, my most important part was my dress. I just really loved it. My hair, well, not so much. I wish I would have worn it down.

BurkeKatieProof140 BurkeKatieProof146 BurkeKatieProof070 BurkeKatieProof068 BurkeKatieProof139
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