Monday, February 23, 2009

Chandler walking

Chandler has been pulling up and walking along the furniture for a couple of weeks. It finally dawned on me to get out the push toys. He loves them and it is so cute to see his little chubby legs trotting along. I think he will walk before his birthday! yay!

Parker is Potty Trained

Yay! I am so excited. Parker may finally be potty trained. We have tried several times before, but he just wasn't ready. On Friday he acted like he needed to go poop so we asked him if he wanted to go in the potty. Every since he has been going all the time. Yay I am so happy. He looks so cute in his little big boy underwear! Also, he is so proud of himself. Oh, and he really loves that he gets bubble gum if he poops. 2 pieces!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Parker's Picture

Parker was drawing on his easel today, like he does often. He said... mommy, mommy look! I draw Daddy. I was amazed! This is his first drawing that actually looks like a person. He told me what everything was, his hair, eyes, nose. Then he said, oh, oh, I draw mouth. So he took the marker and added a mouth for Daddy. I love little kids pictures. This is so cute to me. What good detail for an almost 3 year old. To me anyways!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I drive him crazy

It all started last week when I put a sweatshirt on Parker that he didn't want to wear. He looked down at it, put his hands on his head and said... Oh Mo'om! You drivin me cwazy! Then he started saying it all the time, about Chandler, Aiden, me and more.

Other things he says...

He kicked Reese the other day. Shaun got on to him and said that he is going to get spankings if he kicks the dog. He teared up and came in to me. He told on himslef about kicking Reese and then put his right hand on his forehead and said... Daddy gonna pill (kill) me. I have no idea where he learned that one. The driving me crazy thing I'll take credit for but this...No idea,

He always asked to watch the tuby which means T.V. I think it's funny cause he has no idea they used to be called the tube. That is just how he says T.V.

The other day we had some country music playing on the T.V. and Parker started dancing. He loves to dance. Anyway, he really started shaking his bottom. All of the sudden he stopped and got a crazy look or a surprised look on his face. He smiled and said...My bottit (bottom) is going crazy!

The other day in the car on the way home Chandler kept talking to Parker. He was just saying na na naa naa na. Parker got the sweetest look on his face, reached out and held Chander's hand and said...I wu (love) you too bub. Ans he told me... aw mom, Chandwer (Chandler) so tute (cute) .

Monday, February 9, 2009

Chandler Waves Bye Bye

Chandler waved bye bye to Kristen last week. Shelly taught him how. It is so cute. Now he waves bye bye all the time to everyone. This was just for practice, but he waves really good to me in the mornings and to Daddy.

Chandler also started shaking his head no. I love the way he looks when he does this. It is so adorable. I like the way he looks at us when he does it. I love him so much. I love watching all the new things that he and Parker do and say.

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