Sunday, July 11, 2010

Catchy Conversation

Talking to Parker...
Mommy, why are you starting at Chandler?
Well, he is so sleepy that I didn't know if he was gonna be able to holds his head up anymore.
Oh I thought you thought he was cute or something.
I do think he is cute.
Well how come you don't stare at me when I am trying to go to sleep?
I do stare at you, I think you are cute too. You just don't see me because your eyes are closed. Sometimes I even kiss you and you don't even know it!
Well I do know you kiss me. I can't see you but I can still feel it and I know who it is that's kissing me.

I stare at my boys constantly. They are the cutest things in my whole life. I sneak peeks at what they are doing all the time. Watching when they don't even know that I am watching.
Tonight I let parker catch me watching him fall made him smile the sweetest I have ever seen. After tonight, I think I'll remember to let the boys catch me watching sometimes.

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