Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chandler's First Thanksgiving

I think Chandler had a great first Thanksgiving.
Parker stayed the night with Grandma and Pappaw on Wednesday. He got to help Grandma make the pecan pies. They video recorded it and it was so funny. Parker kept sticking his finger inthe syrup and licking it off. Then when Grandma turned around he would touch whatever he could and taste it too! They played and stayed up late. Then we came over in the morning with Chandler. They were so excited to see each other. It was cute that they missed each other! We just played and lounged around until lunchtime. Chandler got to taste stuffing, which he loved! Parker mostly ate pimento cheese dip and chips. That was his favorite. Grammy and Grandad were there and and Parker got the giggles with Grammy.
After naptime we went to Nanny and Poppa's house for dinner. We played with toys talked and relaxed. Parker like the jelly and rolls best at Nanny's. We go to see Brian and Molly's wedding pictures. They were really pretty. Parker wanted to stay the night with Nanny and Poppa so we took Chandler home and got some rest so we could shop of Friday. Nanny and Poppa wanted Chandler to stay too but I am still bursing him so I wanted him home with me.
Thanksgiving was great. I am so thankful for my husband who love more than words can say. I am so thankful for the 2 beautiful and ornery boys that we have and how very healthy they are. I am also thankful for our parents and grandparents, who are all still married and in love, setting the best examples of a marriage for us. I am happy to have family. It is my favorie part about life.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Please Turn the Sun Off

Parker has always had sensitive eyes from the time we brought him home. He used to cry in the car when the sun got to bright and he still fusses when it shines on him. He is very attached to his sunglasses, like his Daddy! When we step outside in the sunshine, most days he will ask for his "gassees." Today, when we were on the way to Sams, he said..."Mama, turn the sun off, Mama, turn sun off! I thought it was kinda cute. I told him I couldn't do that , but I did have some sunglasses for him that would help him. He said..."Tank you mama."
I love whenhe calls me Mama. Lately he has been being so grwon up and calling me and Shaun mom and dad. It has jsut been over the past two weeks or so that he has been dong hat. I wonder why kids change it to just mom and just dad. I think I like mama nad daddy better.

Chandler's First Tooth

Chandler went to bed last night with a tooth close to coming in and this morning he woke up with a tooth! It is barely cut through but you can feel it! It is his bottom left tooth. I just hope that he doesn't bite me!
I took Chandler to Dr. Daley on Wednesday. he weighs 20.5 lbs. Parker weighs 29.5 lbs. now and when Parker was 6 months old he weighed 16.5lbs. Chandler is definitely a bigger boy than his brother!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I can't believe that Chandler was 6 months old yesterday. It all happens so fast. I can't believe that Parker is only 4 months away from being 3. Sometimes it seems like I want them to be babies forever. I want to snuggle them always and hold them. But, it is so neat to see them grow. I don't think there is anything better than to see the look in their eyes when they learn something new or are so proud of how "big" they feel. Chandler rolls over both ways now and he ate big people peas last night, Parker just stayed overnight with each grandparent this week and they both think they are so "big". All night last night and today Parker keeps talking about what is big and what is little. "Mama...big, Parker...little. Daddy...big, Chanwer...little. this juice big...this juice little." I am glad he still knows he's little to me. Chandler likes to bite me now when I nurse him. He will do it with such an ornery face, 10 times in a row if I give him a reaction. I finally figured, although it is as hard as I'll get out, that if I can completely not react, he stops. Little turkey is just looking for a reaction. I read today that it isn't how many breaths you take in a moment, it's how many moments take your breath away. These boys sure take my breath away.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sippie Cup

Chandler figured out how to take a swig of water out of his sippee cup today. I bought it for him on Sunday. He wants to be a part of dinner so bad so I thought it would make him feel included. At first he just chewed on it but then he took a drink and liked it. I have been giving him cherrios for about a week now so he feel like such a big kid now at dinner time. You can tell it makes him happy.

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