Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween at home

Parker figured out how to use the camera tonight between trick or treaters. Just wanted to post some of his first pictures. These were the only ones you could make out. Maybe he'll be a photographer someday or.. maybe he'll follow in the footsteps of his Grandma.
PA310119 PA310120 PA310122 PA310133 PA310134 PA310138 PA310147 PA310145 PA310157 PA310144 PA310140 PA310153 PA310149
When one group of people came to trick or treat Parker was playing blocks with Uncle Brian. HE wanted to get tot he door so bad to hand out candy but he thought he had to put all of his blocks away first. Poor little guy. I don't know where he gets that from. haha. Anyway, I stalled for him and he got to hand out some candy, he was so proud of himself.
PA310165 PA310166 PA310113 PA310115

Halloween at church

Tonight we went to the fall festival at FBCO. They had a preschool area with games and inflatables set up. Parker wasn't sure about any of it at first. He also didn't have a nap today so he was sooooo exhausted. Once he got in the inflatables though he warmed up and ended up having a blast. He loved jumping. Chandler was the same happy go lucky baby that he always is. He smiled and giggled and saw some baby friends. Then he crashed on my shoulder while Parker raked inmore candy. Aunt Molly and uncle Brian stayed at our house and handed out candy to all the trick or treaters. I am so glad they did that!
!PA310071 PA310076 PA310082 PA310092 PA310096 PA310097 PA310099 PA310105 PA310107 PA310109 PA310112 PA310103 PA310088

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Halloween at school

Today me, Kristy, Mary and Lori dresses up at school in the theme of our classrooms. I decorate with frogs and bugs, Kristy decorates with cowboys, mary decorates with bees and lori decorates with Curious Geroge. It was fun to dress up. The kids really liked it. Several of my students dressed up too.

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