Friday, March 31, 2006

Parker is 1 week old

It has been a great week. Although we feel very worn out we love having anew baby. He is jsut so precious. I love his little hands and feet. They are just so cute and tiny.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Got Milk?

My Milk finally came in. Getting more than just colostrum is so great to Parker. Life is good and the milk tastes so yummy to him.



We had to take Parker to the Dr. the past 2 days for Dr. Daley to check and make sure that his jaundice was improving. It is! He is a very healthy baby. Nursing is pretty hard. he is having a hard time latching on and I am getting several knots and getting engorged. I am determined to do this though so I am not going to give up this soon. I am getting helps from a lactation consultant.

128PARKE 129MOM_P 137DAD_P

I think Parker little feet are so adorable. His pinky toe is funny. It curls down a bit. The nurse said it is from being in the womb. I love baby feet.


We took Parker to Gilley Electric today to see Pappaw and meet Gil and Jan. He is such a good baby. They were excited to see him.


Poor Eli is still completely exhausted and so are we.

140ELI 143ELI_F

Monday, March 27, 2006

Oops! Do Babies Need Diaper Bags?

We went on an outing today. We had to go to my work to fill out papers and we also went and grabbed some lunch from Taco Bueno. We thought about doing more but we realized that we didn't even bring a diaper bag for Parker! you can so tell that we are new parents. We really don't know what we are doing!


We also let Parker try out his swing today. he kind of liked it but I think he likes to be held better. He does look so cute in his swing though!


Parker kept us up quite a bit of the night. He likes to nurse every 2 hours so by the time we got him to sleep and laid him down we had very little time to sleep ourselves before he woke up hungry again. Reese and Eli, our dogs, didn't get much sleep either. They were so excited and curious about Parker that they hardly slept the first night he was home either. I think that they really like Parker, but they are so exhausted from all of the excitement.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

We Brought Parker Home

Today we got to bring Parker home. He did great on the way home in the car. Did n't even cry at all. When we got home we were surprised with a gift from one of my students. The Testermans had painted a stork and placed it in our yard. It was so adorable. They are the most creative people and so nice too!

Between me and Shaun and the rest of the family Parker has hardly been set down. I am gong to hold him as much as I want. I don't believe that holding them spoils them! It might make think harder on you in the long run, but only for a little while. Kids wont wan to be held for the rest of their lives! I don't ever want to think or feel like I didn't get to hold him enough because i was afraid to spoil him! I hold him and stare at him i hold him and sleep we just hold him all the time!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Parker

Parker Lee Smith was born today at 3:50 P. M. He weighs 701lbs and he is 20 inches long. We didn't know if we were having a boy or girl so it was so exciting! Dr. Howerton delivered Parker. I saw him when he came out and shouted...It's a boy! Shaun and I were so excited. I can't believe I am a mom. These pictures were right after delivery.

When we got to go to a regular room after delivery we just couldn't stop holing him and staring at him. We love him so much and we just think he is so adorable. He is a little Jaundice so we have to keep him by the window in the sunlight. As long as we keep him in the sunlight enough he wont have to go into one of those light beds.

Shaun got to take Parker out to show all of the family and announce that we had a boy. I love that we didn't know. It made having a baby even more exciting. Everyone couldn't wait to find out what we had. So many people came to see him and us. Here are a few pictures of people who came. I didn't get a picture of everyone so I am just posting some of the closest family.

After I got situated they brought me to a room and Parker got to come back after his bath and see everyone and be held.

Parker hated his first bath at the hospital. He cried and cried until the nurse sprayed his head with water. Then he calmed down completely. I thought it was so great that Shaun got to stay with him the whole time. They bathed him while I was being stitched up and brought to my room.

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